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General Knowledge

Welcome to your Knowledge Temple.

The best way to cultivate yourself, everywhere and when you want.

Revise everyday

Revise your knowledge with the memory card system. Every false answer will be recorded to be revised later. A notification will remind you to revise to help you to learn in the long term !

9 category available

General Knowledge, geography, history, music, arts, biodiversity, cinema, technology and maths.

A minimal and efficient content

This free app will help you to increase your general knowledge and test your brain ! The minimal and user-friendly UI is clear to allow you to revise in the best condition.

Random mode

Are you the best eveywhere ? This mode pick randomly choosen questions.

One music per theme

Adapted sounds, to immerse you in the atmosphere of the themes …


Thousand of questions

More than 2000 questions in your pocket, from the simplest « Google is an American company? To the more complex « The Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986? « 

The word of the creator

I designed this application in order to adapt general culture to modern uses. Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in public transport on our smartphone and we gradually forget the basics and the books … This application will follow you everywhere, without the need for an internet connection!



Does this app collect data? (RPGD)

We inform you that we do not collect any private data via this application and that there is therefore no use of these.

It should be noted that the application providers (Google Play and Apple Store) reserve an anonymous collection of data about the habits of users to know for example:

-The number of downloads
-Interactions within the application
-Propose personalized ads

I do not see the questions, the game indicates an error!

If you see a message indicating a problem in the downloading of the questions, please follow the procedure below: connect to a reliable 4G / 3G / WiFi internet network and go to the « options » menu, then make a « RESET ». This will re-download the questions. If the problem persists, thank you kindly contact us via the menu « option », « contact » attaching if possible a screenshot to identify the problem immediately.

Can I get a refund after the purchase of the premium pack?

If you make a premium purchase on our app, you can get a refund. To do this, visit the Google Play Store or the iOs Store. The terms and conditions for obtaining a refund after purchase are available. If you can not find how to get your refund, contact us and attach the date and time of purchase of the premium pack to your email.


What if I find a mistake or mistake in a question?

If you come across a spelling error or an error in a question (which is possible), thank you kindly to report it here :



A big thank you to the free and royalty free online music library of Youtube and to the FreeSound website. All the music and sound effects used in the « Culture General » application are works without copyright . The images, logos and illustrations were designed by the creator. Some images have been licensed from the Flaticon website.


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